Touring Statewide, Nationally & Internationally

Technical Requirements 

A Mummer's Tale of the Seasons

Number of Performers


Venue Size

Fully equipped theatre/stage with good sight lines - up to 1500
Non-traditional Community Venue – 300-500 


Onsite Personnel

Light Operator and Sound Operator



20’x 20’ (16’ x 16’ minimum), Clean, clear and mopped, Prefer wood or dance floor



Sound system - CD Player, 2 Microphone cables for wireless mics, Monitor to hear music, (when available)



General wash:  light amber & light pink, Upstage center pool approx. 10’ x 10’, Over-heads & sidelights in steel blue



Dressing rooms with mirrors and water - accessible to the stage area, Toilets accessible to dressing rooms



Within reason & normal safety factors, we are prepared to adjust our needs to  the  circumstances that exist at your facility. All light specs presuppose some existing rep. hang.

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