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Gateway offers a variety of mask and mime programs tailored to meet the needs of all grade levels.

All About Mime 
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All About Masks
Mask  Theatre
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Honeybees are Important!
Exploring the importance of honey bees to human life, addresing the current honeybee crisis and addressing ways that we all can help the honey bee.
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Gateway also offers these workshop and residency programs

The Basics
of Mime
Explore the techniques of classic illusionary mime.
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Making Masks
Instruction in either paper mache or paper construction masks.
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Story To Stage
Students develop a theatrical production from idea to script, to 
rehearsal, to building props, puppets and costumes to performance.
Ideas for production may be generated from student experiences or from curriculum.
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The Bee Project
All over the world honey bees are disappearing.

Students develop a theatrical production while exploring the life of the honey bee and the current world-wide crisis.
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